april ku

A distinictive clarity and warmth characterises April Ku’s Instagram, @coffeewithme.  Having garnered a following of over 70 thousand, April has developed a genuine conversation with her legion of loyal silk-shirt-and-coffee-loving followers over subjects ranging from local cafes to life choices. Through a gallery of careful curation and considered compositions, April shows the role Instagram has played in enabling a generation to pursue creative outlets alongside studies or more formal careers. The Peacock Paper talked to April about Instagram as a facilitator for meeting like-minded people and its role in creating a community.

Apart from running @coffeewithme, what else are you currently doing? Do you study?

I have just finished studying and will graduate at the start of this year with a Bachelor of Science. I am considering taking this year as a ‘gap year’ where I can pursue personal goals and opportunites that arise from @coffeewithme and see where this year takes me. Ultiately, I would love a balance between the academic and creative field.

How has what you post, talk about and feature developed and evolved?

My posts have become more refined and focused. This is in comparison to the days of predominantly taking photos of food and editing with the Valencia filter!

I also now see @coffeewithme as a space where I can share not only photos of conversations over coffee and still life but also my thoughts on curating a wardrobe, tips on editing and other topics I feel like writing about. Essentially, more than just a space filled with photos.


How important has the Instagram community been to you? Connecting with your followers and discussing even personal matters with them seems important to you, and have you met other local creative as a result of Instagram?

The community on Instagram is amazing! Being able to have ‘mini conversations’ over the comment section with other users is always something I appreciate. It is also the place where many of my coffee meet ups start – right there in the comment section!

Meeting with other creatives allows me to appreciate the amount of support. There is always someone to lend a hand or even to have coffee with.


Carrying on from that – what importance do you see in authenticity and differentiation in creating an online presence?

Right now, it seems authenticity and creating an online presenece comes hand in hand. Being able to approach a topic that has been constantly written or photographed about in a new and original perspective could potentially help build an audience. This could be approached by the way photos are taken, the way pieces are written or the platform chosen to create an online presence. It all comes down to being different to how the next persn has approached a similar topic.

What do you see for the future with @coffeewithme?

Meeting up with more creative, and always, over a cup of coffee! Haha!


You can follow April Ku on Instagram at @coffeewithme