shannon malone

Reaching the culmination of her studies, I joined Shannon Malone in her studio as she makes the last stitches to her graduate collection, Artigiano. 

Stepping into an artist's space - of no matter which medium - is always like stepping into their world, having an insight into the mind, the creative process and being surrounded by the inspirations which guide their work. Shannon's light filled space was just as inspiring - light and shadow played over the white walls and timber floors, as we sipped coconut water (and i frantically ran around with increasing excitement with each shot.)

Shannon told me a little about her inspiration... heavily influenced by the notion of the artisan, their protective uniform and the casa malaparte on the island of capri (indeed a manifestation of a collaboration between an artist and an architect). 

A capsule collection inspired by architecture and interior design from the Italian Rationalists of the 30s as well as a personal investigation into parallels between craft and couture. Structural silhouettes based on the workers uniform – The Apron – are formed using industrial canvas and leather with hand woven elements. This research informs a rich palette, where a deep burnt orange represents the stained wood used by Guiseppe while indigo speaks of traditional work wear. Fabric ranges from matte georgette, smooth leather to heavily textural, hand woven cloth.

Shannon is showing her collection on the 28th of November at Brookfield (Perth) as part of the 'No 13' graduating showcase, as well as at her own presentation, 'Guild' on the 3rd of December at Daphne in Northbridge (Perth).