Die Sellerie


Die Sellerie, Vienna, is the result of a dream shared by four designers: Patrick Bauer, Ulrik Dorner, Georg Leditzky and Andreas Posselt. The intriguing and warm space - located on Vienna’s Burggasse yet enough distance away from the city’s usual tourist route - houses a curation of unique fine art prints, stationery and home accessories, all of which reflect the owners' interest in good design. 

 Talking to the owners, their penchant for the unique is clear: "we try to only sell products which are unique in more than one way: design, quality, production, materials. We want to create a space that adds a little smile to your day in the city. Treat your friends and yourself with something special."

 In fact a majority of what is housed in Die Sellerie is handmade. This interest in the production process being a smaller, more thoughtful process gives a greater awareness to the components and materials used in the production of their goods. Emphasis is also given to the origin of the goods: most are acquired by fair trade. 

 Die Sellerie is only open Friday evenings and on Saturdays, since the owners all have full-time jobs as graphic designers.


Burggasse 21, 1070 Wien, Austria