A Summer Weekend in Paris

Having never actually been in Paris in the peak of summer (and can i say, tourist-wise it wasn't quite anywhere as near as bad as i imagined) - my friend Charlotte and I spent the weekend, at the tail end of a mini euro-tour in the city. 

Having met in Paris 2 years prior, we were back here after a few days in Copenhagen to reminisce, explore again, and eat as much felafel and speculoos as we could, and of course, run around like the little rats we are.  

Within a few minutes of getting off the metro, so many feelings came rushing back from the 6 months we spent living here. I was also incredibly dehydrated, so these feelings were probably intensified from the real possibly i was dozing in and out of consciousness... 

On arrival, we were greeted by our lovely airbnb host Emy, dusting the cob-webs off our French tongues to meet her family (they offered us champagne!) in their beautiful apartment (a kind of mansion-apartment, need i say). 

2 days was just not enough - it never could have been.




P. S. (and this is by no means sponsored by airbnb) if you are looking for a place for one or two in a perfect location in le marais - we loved it here, and felt so welcome. https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/5890619?euid=58e64605-968b-1382-240b-3345149ada1f