Common Projects

In 2004, art director Prathan Poopat and creative consultant Flavio Girolami sought to create a luxury sneaker that united a simple utilitarian design and a sense of Italian craftsmanship.

In a market crowded by heavily branded offerings, the sneakers fit perfectly within a movement of understated minimalism, synonymous with the aesthetic led by Phoebe Philo at Celine. This anonymity also gives the sneaker its distinctiveness. That is, the sneaker's tailored approach, block colours and simple yet unique style give it it's uniqueness.  

The absence of a distinct visual identity created by way of a logo is important. With only markings representing style code, colour code and size, the absence of a logo represents an important idea the designers sought to convey: today, items of clothing or footwear facilitate a lifestyle, look or identity rather than bringing their own identity to the wearer.

Without advertising and other such formal marketing elements, the italian craftsmanship and understated luxury let the sneaker speak for itself.