Maison Balzac

The Peacock Paper talked to Elise Pioch Balzac, the fashion buyer turned entrepreneur and wick-master, about her evocative and sentimental line of candles. 


What was the inspiration behind Maison Balzac?

I created Maison Balzac 2 years ago out of nostalgia for the south of France where I come from. After 10 years in Australia I started to miss my roots, my home and remembered what a happy childhood I had, filled with perfumes of the nature surrounding us. 

So I developed my own scents with the help of a Sydney based Perfumer, each scent describing a moment on a typical Sunday at home when I was 8. For example, Le Soleil reminds me of my mum squeezing fresh orange juice in the morning and Le Sud evokes the bath infused with fresh lavender flowers that my grand mother was prepring for me every sunday evening.

What is unique about Maison Balzac?

Not only the perfumes are unique to my brand but each glass is mouth blown in white jade glass, which is a rare and poetic material. Everything about Maison Balzac is bespoke, french and personal.

Before creating Maison Balzac what were you doing? 

I used to work with Martin Margiela at Hermes in Paris then moved to Sydney to become a fashion buyer for the Belinda stores, so my career in Fashion allowed me to meet very inspiring creative minds with strong point of view and a distinct attraction for well made, high end products. Like them, I wish to offer a personal story through impeccable products that makes you feel good.