Past Present


A recently launched headwear label - combining a sense of traditional gentlemen's styling and a refreshing nod to modernity  - emerges at a time when headwear seems to be experiencing a revival, at least particularly in Australia. Introducing Past Present.

The Peacock Paper spoke with Jeremy Kennedy - the label's founder about his inspiration, the values behind the brand and a little on the production side of things. 

It looks like Past Present was born out of an interest in the sartorial elegance of a gentleman of a past generation, do you think this sentiment is experiencing a revival (thinking of Pitti Uomo for example) or has it always persisted?

There is no doubt we are seeing a come back of the sartorial look amongst men. I do think it has always been there though, in some way, shape or form, just depending on where in the world you are (Italy is generally always all over it). I'm a big fan and I really like the idea that our name 'Past Present' links quite closely to this.

 As Past Present celebrates the junction of the past and the present meeting – do you think this sets you apart from other labels who can be more focused on current trends and transient fashions? 

I do - the name itself has real meaning, but you don't have to think too much to know what it means. This helps people understand the brand and it's difference to others. 


What else inspired you to create the line of headwear? Were you looking for something personally which was missing in the market?

When I initially thought of Past Present, I actually wanted to do clothing, with hats part of the 'accessories.' After more thought I realised there weren't many brands dedicated to headwear, most notably locally, but Australia wide as well. Headwear is generally a small part of a brands offerings, putting their focus into apparel, we have decided to focus on headwear, and do it right.

That idea is really important, though– choosing one thing and specializing. How are the hats actually produced?  

The wide brims are manufactured in Pennsylvania, in the oldest hat factory in the USA. Rag and Bone, Baileys Hats and Kangol also have their hats made here, just to name a few. They are made using a 100% wool felt, we decided to use a lighter felt, being in such hot weather in Perth we felt the heavier felt wouldn't feel as nice. 

The caps are made in New Zealand, the Hunter collection were made from high quality Woolen fabrics designed to wear all year round. These fabrics came from Ireland and Scotland and will last forever. The Ebbetsfield are made in Seattle, USA. Ebbetsfield is a brand based on traditional baseball inspired apparel – an absolute classic and fits in very well with Past Present.

What do you believe is the biggest characteristic that sets the label apart and makes it individual?

Past Present is 100% focused on headwear. There are so many brands trying to incorporate hats and caps into their apparel line, some do it well, but they just don't put the time and effort into these products like we do. We offer simplicity and flexibility for the wearer with minimal branding and the effortless classic look that comes with the headwear.

Past and Present have Australian stockists, as well as availability online at